CEDICE / Por un país de propietarios

Cedice is one of the most respected NGOs in Latin America. Its function is to promote the values ​​of individual initiative, responsibility and free market economy.

Under the Chavista regime, it was necessary to alert Venezuelans about the dangers of losing economic freedoms, and especially property rights. Cedice’s campaign was launched amid the expansion of so-called Socialism of the 21st Century. Our campaign put a face to the process of loss of economic freedoms.

From this moment on the expropriations and abuses against property were no longer an issue exclusively associated with the big businessmen. In our research we founnd that the feeling most associated with the possession of something gained with effort is pride. We also discovered that pride is a timeless energy. The campaign was extended for two years until the government censored it. The reality today is that 80% of the population in Venezuela supports private property regardless of their social status.